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As a TRUE manufacturer, TCI has built a solid reputation over the past 45 years of supplying quality products at a competitive price. We manufacture proven products that end users want to buy again and again and will help grow your market share.

A True Manufacturer.

TCI is a true manufacturer of bedliner, clear coats, primers, activators, binders, lacquer thinners, reducers, surface cleaners, auto detailing supplies, car wash chemicals, industrial maintenance supplies and so many more. We only use 100% virgin solvents, always have and always will! We also slit 4,000 pound jumbos of masking paper and are a major distributor of paint cans, plastic sheeting, sticks, and strainers.

St. Louis, MO

Practical Solutions Built for Efficiency.

Our over 300,000 sq ft. of space allows us to provide practical solutions as efficiently as possible. Our packaging and labeling lines are 50 yards from our four 33,000 gallon solvent railcar spots, which are 50 yards from our 1,200,000 gallon tank farm. Our high speed, shear cut paper slitters achieve the highest speeds for the industry at 2,500 feet per minute. At TCI, you can rest assured you are receiving the best price for the highest quality products, and our facilities are designed to deliver just that.

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TCI Products has been proudly serving the Auto Refinish industry for many years. Since then we have grown from a small local solvent distributor to one of the leading independent manufacturers of Auto Refinish coatings and Industrial Maintenance supplies in the country, with a reach that stretches from coast to coast and exporting to other countries.

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